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The Company. The Centre for Restoration of Artworks Ltd. (CRA) is a Sofia-based organisation specialised in the conservation and restoration of cultural property. Since its establishment in 2002, CRA has carried out restoration works in numerous heritage sites around Bulgaria, more than 20 of which of national importance.

The company is a correct partner and performs its duties at a high professional level, keeping predetermined deadlines. Our price list for the different types of restoration activities is compliant with the normatives of the NIMC and UBA.

The Centre for Restoration of Artworks Ltd is VAT registered.

The companies, CRA and Restoration Bendida Ltd work on their own or together, and upon necessity – in a consortium.


Scope of Activity. CRA’s main activity comprises the conservation and restoration of mural paintings, stone and stucco plastics, antique and early Christian mosaics, easel paintings, wooden plastics, metalwork and metal plastics.

Additional activities:

  • researching cult or other historical buildings;
  • preparing conservation and restoration projects;
  • consulting on the storage and handling of cultural heritage property;
  • assessing and documenting the condition of cultural property.

CRA has an atelier equipped with the necessary standard restorer’s tools and materials. Speciffic scientific analyses are commissioned to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences or other public and private laboratories.


The Team. Our team is composed of both, qualified young restorers and professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the restoration field. To deliver quality service, we collaborate closely with experts from other fields, such as chemists, geologists, archaeologists, climatologists, architects, and art historians.


Our Partners. Regular partners in the implementation of our work are The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria, municipal authorities, foundations, museums, and firms among others.