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Our conservation and restoration portfolio includes immovable cultural property of international, national, and regional significance among which are:


  • St. George church – 16th - 17th century, village of Arbanassi – reattaching of frescos, conservation, restoration and display;
  • St. George church – 1812, village of Golyamo Belovo – conservation and restoration;
  • St Paraskevi church – 1872, Pleven – restoration and conservation of the site including all cultural assets;
  • St. Archangel Michael monastery church – 13th century, Tran monastery – evaluation and elaboration of a conservation project; restoration and conservation of the mural paintings (13th -14th c.) in the altar space, which included the separation of the 17th c. mural overpaintings;
  • Holy Assumption of the Virgin Mary monastery church – 17th century, village of Arbanassi – restoration of murals in the narthex –  first prize in the MOTO-PFOHE donation programme;
  • St. Iliya monastery church – 17th century, Teteven monastery – restoration and discplay of mural paintings and other cultural assets; 
  • St. Petka church – 17th century, Svoge – complete restoration of the cultural assets;
  • St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki (bulg. Sveti Dimitar Solunski) church – 19th century, village of Yarlovtsi, Tran municipality – complete restoration of the cultural assets;
  • Restoration of churches in the Assenovgrad municipality within „The Rhodope Holy Mountain“, sponsored by the PHARE programme of the EU which aimed to restore access to churches and monasteries in the area – restoration of five different sites.

Archaeological sites:

  • Shushmanets Thracian tomb – 4th century B.C., near Kazanlak – conservation, restoration and socialization the the Shoushmanets mound;
  • Early-christian basilica Red church – 5th century, near Perushtitsa – conservation and restoration of mural painting fragments;
  • Medieval Complex of prehistoric and medieval settlement mound near Dyadovo, Nova Zagora – emergency conservation and strengthening of the endangered fortress wall and archeological excavations, protection of uncovered archeological structures;
  • Ancient Villa Armira – 2nd century, Ivaylovgrad – restoration of mosaics – PHARE CBC Bulgaria-Greece project "Splendour of Armira";
  • Roman theatre and amphitheatre Serdika – 2nd - 3rd centuries, Sofia – emergency conservation of the site.

Historic buildings:

  • An administrative municipal building on N1 Parizh Str., 1921, Sofia – conservation of the cultural heritage assets from the interior and the facades of the building;
  • Lekov's House – 1893, Panagyurishte – restoration of the art decoration in the interior and the facades.