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Plasma And Nano For New Age “Soft” Conservation (PANNA)

Plasma And Nano For New Age “Soft” Conservation (PANNA)

CRA participates in a three year Research and Development project together with eight other partner institutions from four European countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, and Italy).

Plasma And Nano For New Age “Soft” Conservation (PANNA) is an FP7 European collaborative project focused on the development of new techniques and technologies for cleaning and protection of cultural heritage assets.

• Design of a portable plasma torch for surface cleaning and protective coatings deposition;
• Development of self-diagnostic coatings for protection of stone, metals and wall paintings;
• Development of invisible marker coatings for identification and anti-counterfeiting purposes;
• Development of a novel, reversible "full-life" protocol that comprehends the entire conservation process: surface cleaning, protective coatings deposition and their removal.

The project started on 1 November 2011.